This list is way too much information so don't read unless you're a doctor
  1. My back hurts constantly.
    Lower middle back feels like an intense soreness when I go from laying to sitting. Or when bending while sitting. It's hard to explain but it feels like my back is breaking.
  2. Bowels from Hell
    Sometimes I go to sleep and wake up having what feels like a contraction. The contractions come every few minutes until finally I can use the bathroom. The pain is so bad I have to bite down to keep from screaming. This happens about once a week, more or less.
  3. Pain that feels like a shock in my lower rib cage when I twist a certain way
  4. Jaw feels like it completely comes off the hinge when I open my mouth wide
  5. My nose never really feels clear. Like I can breathe but I always have mucus and I also can swallow it sometimes? Gross