1. Con: (August) my home burned down in a house fire and we didn't have insurance
    That sucked. I listed it first because it really defined my year.
  2. Pro: In January we got to visit my brother in Arizona who I hadn't seen in 5 years. I got to hug and kiss my nephews. Very good memories.
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    My husband took this pic as I hugged my brother for the first time in 5 years at the airport. ❤️❤️
  3. Pro: flew in a place the first time when we saw my brother
  4. Pro: went to Disneyland, and universal studios California!
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    Loved loved loved Disney
  5. Con: after the fire we had to live with my mom for a while and she's not easy to live with.
    I left home when I was 18 and swore I'd never return. Lesson learned. Never say never.
  6. Con: my husbands job cut his hours in half due to the oil field issues. This happened right before the fire. We went from having a paid off home with money for vacations to having to pay rent with only half the money we were used to. Have you ever had less than 50 dollars to your name? We did this year.
  7. Pro: my cat survived the fire. I wasn't home during the fire but got a call from a neighbor. I screamed repeatedly into the phone at her to not let them save a single material item until they saved my cat. They found her covered in soot, but still kickin. (pic I got of her from the neighbor after they carried her out)
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  8. Con: I hate the apartments we are living in.
    Too noisy. No furniture. Cold and empty. Not home.
  9. Pro: my husband and I decided that our terrible luck comes from the universe having to balance itself out because we love each other more than most other people can dream of.
  10. Pro: my godchild turned 2. Doesn't seem like a big deal but another year with him brings us so much joy. He's getting close to saying "Nanny"!
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    Nanny is what we call godmothers in the south. (He is my sisters son btw)
  11. Pro: I got a great new job and I love it!!
  12. Con: The top five worst days of my life have probably been this year.
  13. Pro: Some of the best days of my life have also been this year. The first day in Disneyland with my husband felt like a dream.
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