I take a lot of selfies and I think it's healthy
  1. Good brows here
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  2. Terrible brows here
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  3. My boo thang and me
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  4. Again
    B9795f65 1a0a 4ae7 9fee 0a645bb9b7b0
  5. And again
    579e04bc af8e 4f80 b691 412af40903f1
  6. That time I got married
    18a4826e bb45 48ce 92aa 2a1e3025c4db
  7. Feeling saucy
    B199de84 4c3b 4aeb bfcf 7fe8104e9635
  8. Weird face
    D38f872a 23df 4460 97ac 2a6fc60fc7be
  9. Current default photo
    Daa1fd67 7ab2 4874 b8ca 5c6ac507434b
  10. Disneyland
    96d1d8f0 6a98 4cfa 8d88 a103ed51f3c2
  11. Had my teeth whitened
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  12. Had new glasses
    Afff8fd2 d0a3 4aeb a1e6 b876959da443
  13. No makeup (aka only mascara and eyeliner)
    E500fa64 d5a4 4731 9761 b221a8b3dbc0
  14. First time with white eyeliner
    4c77b85a ab7e 4f27 ab51 c2c20a98571f