It's not always easy trying to agree on a TV series to watch with your significant other. If you're anything like me, you like all the best things and other people are always wrong. Unfortunately when you're married, you must compromise. Luckily, these shows were enjoyed by us both.
  1. The office
    This is both of our favorite shows, like, ever. We've watched the series about 50 times and we find it comforting. If there's ever a time we can't agree, we watch the office.
  2. It's always sunny in Philadelphia
    Because of the implication...
  3. Parks and rec
    I'm liked it more than him, but it was enjoyable and the characters are so endearing. He really loves Jean ralphio.
  4. Girls
    We love how cringe inducing and raw this show is sometimes. It's so honest, even when the truth is uncomfortable. We thinks it's a very smart humor and we are pretty snobby about how much we like it.
  5. The Mindy Project
    He says he doesn't really like this show (although he loves Mindy Kaling and finds her very pleasing to the eye) but every time I put it on he ends up watching and laughing. He can't fool me.
  6. Game of thrones
    We. Fucking. Love. Game of thrones.
  7. Masterchef
    We like food
  8. Survivor
    Only reality show we both like
  9. Downton Abbey
    I didn't think he would like it, but he does. SCORE!
  10. Friends
    No explanation needed
  11. Everybody loves raymond
  12. Curb your enthusiasm
    Larry David is our favorite human
  13. Dexter
    We were super into Dexter when it was on
  14. Law and order SVU
    But it was never the same after stabler left
  15. American horror story
    But only season 1
  16. Seinfeld
    We are american so yeah