The Character I Am, The One I Want To Be, And The One I'll Probably Be

  1. I'm a Pam
    Has potential but didn't do anything amazing with school or career. Gets motivated sometimes to take their art (in my case writing) somewhere but the moment passes and goes back to being comfortable with how things are. Is relatively smart, funny, and loyal. Does the right thing most of the time. Doesn't have a long list of men in her past because most men are not overly impressed but the one guy who loves us REALLY loves us. But we aren't too sappy and we'd both probably be terrible at sexting
  2. I want to be Hermione
    FEARLESS. Gets shit done. Super smart and puts in the effort to make sure those brains don't go to waste. Doesn't give up when things get hard. Really independent but also a great friend. When she wants something to change she acts on it and doesn't wait around even if it means sewing wooly hats in the middle of the night for SPEW.
  3. I'll probably be Grandpa Joe.
    Lays in bed literally for years and only finds the energy to move his sorry sack of bones when there is free chocolate to be had. Piece of shit but oddly charming.