The Importance of Eyebrows

  1. Eyebrows are extremely important.
    They shape your entire face
  2. When I look at someone with good eyebrows I think ahh yesssss
  3. But if you don't have naturally awesome eyebrows that's ok
    We can't all be Cara
  4. There are a lot of ways to fix them up yourself
  5. Keep them waxed or plucked in a good shape
  7. Not everybody's shape will be the same. You have to work with your natural shape so they will vary from person to person.
    These are all good
  8. Nyx makes some good low cost brow products. I love these pencils!
  9. And this powder set
  10. I use them to touch up and shape my brows
    Excuse the little mark on the bridge of my nose my glasses wipe off my makeup
  11. Eyebrows are love. Eyebrows are life.
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  17. Long live eyebrows