I too often hear people who are shocked when a relative assaults a child. We have a tendency to believe that someone who we grew up with or are related to would never hurt our children. The hardest thing you might have to do is face that you may have a loved one who is a predator, but its possible. *Big thanks to her for letting me share her story*
  2. When my best friend was 4 years old she lived close to her grandparents.
    You just had to walk through the woods on a path to get to her house from theirs.
  3. Her maternal uncle, lived with her grandparents.
    He was an odd man. Never married. Never dated. Gave kids a lot of attention. Didn't fit in socially. Gave people very Weird feelings.
  4. One day her dad decided to vacuum his truck out and to do so, he opened her bedroom window and ran an extension cord through it. He left the window unlocked after.
    It's highly likely her uncle noticed her dad doing this that day. And suspected it would be left unlocked.
  5. That night, he snuck into her room, and put a towel soaked in alcohol over her face.
    This didn't make her pass out exactly, but it did make her choke a bit and stopped her from screaming because her throat burned. It also made her dizzy.
  6. He carried her out of her bedroom, into the woods between her house and her grandparents.
  7. He undressed her, and sexually assaulted her.
    A lot of the details are blurry to her. But I won't post details of what we know he did for sure out of respect for her.
  8. Then he left her there.
  9. She crawled home.
    She knew her way down the path. She couldn't walk because she was in pain, she was bleeding, and she was also dizzy.
  10. She banged on her front door until her parents came out.
    They called the police right away and she was able to tell them exactly who had hurt her.
  11. They went to her grandparents house and they found him.
  12. ASLEEP.
    Still wearing the same clothes. Sleeping like a baby. Did not even wake up to the police knocking. Her grandparents had to let them in.
  13. They found notebooks where he had been planning things to do to kids. He also admitted he got ideas from watching lifetime movies.
    But he didn't tell anyone!!! He didn't ask for help!! It's not his fault he had these sick desires but it IS his fault for not telling a doctor! It's his responsibility to CHOOSE to not act on his own desires!
  14. Her mom and dad pushed for the maximum sentencing. Her mom couldn't believe her own brother would do this. But she didn't take any mercy on him despite the bond they had.
  15. Her grandparents remain very conflicted.
  16. It's extremely HARD to suspect a relative of being a predator.
    We simply cannot believe that one could be in OUR family. But the truth is, there are a lot of predators. And they're in someone's family. Why can't it be yours?
  17. So if there's anything my friend tries to tell people, it's that you have to trust your instincts.
    If you secretly suspect that someone you know may be a danger to kids you need to pay close attention to them and never leave your child alone with them.
  18. And more importantly, if you are having thoughts about hurting people.. Don't let it get too bad! Don't indulge in those thoughts! TELL SOMEONE! There may be a way to help you before you hurt someone else or yourself!
    You can choose to not let these thoughts or desires control your future! Or an innocent persons!
  19. Thanks for reading and be safe! ❤️❤️❤️