Things hippies do

I don't really care what your style is all of these things make you a dirty hippie in my book
  1. Use soap made of wheat or some shit
    Not real soap. Makes you stink.
  2. Go to music festivals where white people have dreadlocks and bang each other in the dirt
  3. Read horoscopes
  4. Collect rocks
    Or gemstones whatever you wanna call them
  5. Attachment parenting their kids
    Family bed and breastfeeding till the age of 7 and believing it's neglecting you child to ever tell them the word "no" (this is what they actually believe.)
  6. Eating your placenta despite no credited medical evidence showing a benefit of it.
    Hippie one time told me that she does it "because goats do it and the kardashians do it" ... And if there's anywhere you should take medical advice from its kardashians and farm animals for sure
  7. Making their own teas or lemon waters
  8. Infinity symbol tattoo or feather
  9. Make jewelry
    Bonus points if you steal the materials you use to make the jewelry then sell for profit at music festivals
  10. Say things like "weed is just a plant" when we aren't even talking about weed
  11. Adult coloring books
  12. Putting your "art" on Instagram and getting mad when nobody buys it or even likes and comments
  13. Eats oatmeal probably
    Oatmeal people are the worst idk of hippies eat oatmeal though I'm just guessing
  14. So if you do these things...
  15. (Just kidding I have liked a hippie or two in my day)
  16. (But sometimes I hate them)