Not that I'm trying to be overly negative but I can't turn down a list request. So here it goes.
  1. Donald trump supporters
  2. People who protest, harass, threaten, bomb, burn abortion clinics, providers, and receivers.
  3. The international adoption process
    It shouldn't take years to bring a baby home from an orphanage once a family is ready to receive them
  4. People who brag constantly about being healthy/working out
  5. People who are rich but don't use their money to help others and just hoard their cash so their great grandchildren don't have to work
  6. People who choose to misinterpret feminism because they don't want to hear what it's really about
  7. People who think having children makes your life more important or meaningful than not having children
  8. People who try to make you feel bad about anything you do because they are jealous