In Louisiana. The class was called "abstinence education" actually and it was taught by people from the local church.
  1. God wants you to be married before you have sex.
    Not kidding.
  2. Having sex before marriage results in pregnancy or disease 50% of the time.
    Not kidding
  3. Jack from Titanic did NOT love Rose because if he loved her he would not have had sex with her.
  4. Having sex before marriage makes you "dirty" for your spouse and it won't be as special.
  5. They made us all chew up chips in our mouth then spit in a big bowl of water. Then were asked if anyone would drink the water in the bowl. When we all said no they said when you have sex with more than your spouse you become like that bucket. Nasty and nobody wants it.
  6. Nothing about birth control options
  7. Nothing about how to protect yourself from disease
  8. Nothing about how same sex couples can protect themselves
  9. Nothing about how to consent or get consent from another person.
  10. Basically, nothing useful. At all.
  11. This is a problem in America and we need to fix it.