1. Let MawMaw feed me when she wants to feed me.
    No complaining here! She can fill my plate up with seconds and send me home with leftovers! It's not overbearing at all. Feed me all the foods!
  2. Listen to my Grandpaws stories
    He could tell the same ones over and over again that's fine with me. I'll pretend like it's the first time.
  3. Teach them how to use technology.
    And laugh laugh laugh when they can't really grasp it or don't want to have anything to do with it. When they would send me a text that makes no sense I'd save it to read again one day, when they wouldn't be around to text.
  4. Write down all my Grandmaws recipes
    I never had a chance to do that
  5. Throw them birthday parties that made them feel childish and special
    Hats and kazoos included
  6. Let my grandpa teach me to dance
    The formal way of dancing. I've heard he was really good at it.
  7. Go to bingo with them
    I've tried to go without them all the time. It isn't the same.