1. Got fat(ter)
    Due to the buffet style meals every day. I would have became immobile in the first two years most likely.
  2. Had a terrible sleeping schedule
    As a teenager (and maybe now, okay?) I struggle with staying in a good sleeping pattern and without parents to force me to sleep and wake up.. Things would have been bad and I would have had detention a lot.
  3. Tried to give a boy a love potion
    First years are 11 years old. That was 6th grade. That was a very hard year for me romantically.
  4. Made friends with the ghosts.
  5. Got lost in the castle
    Every day. I have no sense of direction.
  6. Took baths regularly
    Harry only took like one bath in 7 years.
  7. Copied my friends homework every day in the common room
    (Instead of the school bus which is what I did in normal school)
  8. Avoid every quidditch game
    I hate sports.