1. To tell us how to spend our holidays between our different family members.
    We can figure it out, thanks!
  2. To tell us how to raise our children (or step-children in my case- my husband's son from an ex gf)
    Got it under control! We get along with his mom and step dad wonderfully! He has enough parents and doesn't need an extra, please go about your business.
  3. To tell us how to spend our money or how finances should work in our household
    Thanks for "trying to help" but no thanks.
  4. To tell us when it would be a good time to have kids of our own
  5. To be mad when we say we don't want any
    Feel free to have your own children if you need them!
  6. To continuously guilt us into feeling sorry for them when they are pushed away from our family because they broke boundaries
    We know you are getting old and raised him but your adult son doesn't owe you anything when you cannot respect him, his wife or life decisions. K bye
  7. To post on Facebook about how mean we are
  8. To act confused when you say you will never be around them again
  9. Feel free to add your own!
  10. To compare their daughter in laws to their own daughters. We get it- you like your own daughters more. Guess what- we like our own moms more too!!!
    Suggested by @thebestSR
  11. To insult us at Thanksgiving dinner, in front of 20 people.
    Suggested by @biz
  12. Anything
    Suggested by @ashlee
  13. To tell us we can cure our (insert incurable disease) with (insert current health trend). And shaming for the use of traditional medicine.
    E.g., carrot juice cures cancer/kale cures M.S.
    Suggested by @ebsquared
  14. To show up at our door with a wedding dress they bought for us off the clearance rack at Macys!
    Suggested by @K8ts
  15. To constantly offer suggestions of how to do anything and everything, prefaced by "you probably already thought of this, but..."
    Suggested by @DG
  16. To remind us of our food allergies at restaurants, read the entire menu, and tell us what we can and can't eat. I've been doing this awhile, I'm good.
    Suggested by @gayla
  17. Buy your children ridiculously over the top gifts when you're trying hard not to raise spoiled children
    Suggested by @ameliaville