1. I feel like I constantly have to defend my choice to travel.
    Like this isn't really a big deal. I'm going from one place to another for a week or so.
  2. People have opinions though! Some people just DO NOT UNDERSTAND traveling being an important part of life.
    And they let you know that.
  3. I get a lot of comments about how it's a luxury?
    To a point, it is. There are some people who simply do not have the means. I get that. But my husband and I do not make much money. We make LESS than most of our close friends and family. Yet we travel more than them. It isn't because we are indulging in a luxury they can't afford.. quite the opposite actually: they could more easily afford it. It's just that we make it a priority and they do not.
  4. People say "'must be nice" when they hear i have scheduled my next trip. But they have a much nicer car and house and clothes and furniture than I do.
    I could just as easily look at all of their material possessions and say "must be nice".. I am not able to afford nice possessions because I travel. They aren't able to afford travel because they have nice possessions. I'm not more privileged than them I'm just choosing to spend my money on experiences. They COULD do the same.
  5. My husband and I don't give each other nice gifts ever. We stick to extremely cheap gifts (50 dollar limit per person for Christmas) while my friends brag about spending thousands.
    Okay so we are choosing travel instead of gifts. You are choosing gifts. That's fine. But you should know, im not getting both.
  6. At the end of the day we sacrifice A LOT of things our friends and family have. Not only material things but we also don't have children because we can't afford them without giving up traveling.
  7. So yes it bothers me when people act like traveling is some rich people luxury and that my life is a breeze cause I get to take vacations when they don't realize that they have so much more than I do and they just choose to spend differently.
  8. I work hard and sacrifice things I really want so that we can travel. My husband has taken a second job to afford some of our trips.
  9. I live in a much smaller home than I can afford and me and my husband both drive older vehicles. (I drive a 2006) We could afford newer ones.. like my friends have. We choose to travel instead.
  10. So yeah, don't be mad at me cause you choose to spend your money elsewhere!
  11. Once again: this does not apply to people who truly cannot afford it.
    I know for some people it is not possible. This is about people who I know make more money than me, and who brag about all of their nice material things then act like travel is the luxury.