Louisiana is experiencing terrible unexpected flooding. Many of the places that flooded hadn't flood in over a hundred years and were well above sea level, not even in a flood zone.
  1. First I'd like to say I'm safe. And the flooding is not a direct threat to me at this time.
  2. My sisters town is completely flooded and they are trapped in their house, although the water is not in her house so at least they are dry.
    This is her post office
  3. My entire Facebook is filled with people trying to reach loved ones, or asking for pleas to help them save their loved ones from a home filling with water.
  4. 7,000 people have been rescued. And the number is rising every moment.
  5. Volunteers (basically anyone with a boat) are spending hours upon hours of their time to save strangers.
  6. Picture continued
  7. Even people who are not flooded are experiencing a food shortage. The Walmart near my house is not able to receive shipments because the distribution center is flooded.
  8. This is the rouses supermarket
    You can imagine what the houses look like.
  9. The flooding isn't over and the St. Amant area is being evacuated right now.
  10. A ton of roads are closed. Including the interstate, which is the evacuation path. The interstate between me and my sister is flooded.
  11. Thousands of animals have been rescued and the animal shelters need help.
  12. The shelters that are housing people need food and water and supplies.
  13. Please send all of your love to Louisiana and if there is anything you can donate please do. People evacuated their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back.
  14. If you see anyone blaming any person for what has happened to them do not hesitate to defend the people in Louisiana. These people did not live in a flood zone. They had no idea what was capable of happening.
  15. Send love and prayers and donations if that's possible for you.
  16. ❤️❤️❤️