My first list request! From @teamgivan
  1. I have been with my husband since I was 15 years old.
    I took his name when we married and dropped my maiden name completely.
  2. He was 5 years older than me and he took care of me in a lot of ways.
    My dad was not really around much and my mom didn't do most things a typical mom does.
  3. He taught me to drive, he brought me to doctors appts, he picked me up from school almost every day, he got my clothes, supplies, etc. even though he was in school himself and only worked part time.
  4. When I turned 18 and he finished college we bought a home together and he did whatever he had to do to support me.
  5. When we finally had the money to get one of us a new car he insisted I drive the new car and him suffer without air conditioning in the old car even though he made more money which allowed us to buy it. And he put it in my name. And never held it over me.
  6. He added my name to his bank account and said that his money was our money before we were married.
  7. He has never let me down. He has taken more care of me throughout the past 8 years than either of my parents ever has. He has shown me the unconditional love that I was supposed to get from them.
  8. I am his wife before I am their daughter.
  9. Not only did I take his name, I craved his name. I wanted to delete anything that distinguished us as different people. We are one unit.
  10. It may be noteworthy to point out that my siblings who I am extremely close to (when I think of my family I think of my siblings not my parents) are two brothers who had a different dad so always had a different name, and my sisters; one who had already taken her husband's name and one who plans to. So my "family" doesn't have my maiden name either