We have been together 8 years. So our families think we are crazy for not having a baby yet and we get asked about it often. Usually by people who have kids themselves and ?complain? about their lives a lot which is weird cause like why do you want me to be sad with you??
  1. We really like each other. Like a lot.
    Even after nearly a decade we still enjoy each other's company. We don't mind being alone together. We actually look forward to spending time together every single night after work. It doesn't feel incomplete, we feel like a whole family already. We are extremely close.. Like probably a lot closer than most spouses from what I hear from my friends and family.
  2. We aren't trying to fill in a blank.
    Some people have a baby because they feel like there's a blank in their lives. They just feel a missing piece and sometimes the baby was that piece and they are so happy after! I'm happy for them! But I don't feel a blank. I don't feel a missing piece. And I don't want to "force" a space for a baby that isn't there on its own.
  3. We are selfish people.
    This is a hard thing for people to admit but it's important to admit this before having a kid you will resent. We like doing what WE want to do. We like coming home and taking a shower together and playing video games and watching Netflix and then going to sleep. We like going to concerts. We like eating out a few times a week. We like feeling freedom. We are SELFISH about that freedom.
  4. We love traveling.
    In the past 3 years we've gone to Tennessee, Texas (sea world), Florida three times, Missouri, California (DisneyLand and Universal), and Arizona. We live in Louisiana. We want to see the world and we feel so alive when we go to a new place together and hike and see waterfalls. I will never EVER give up my traveling. It is fuel to my soul. I don't know how a baby would fit into that.
  5. We don't want to spend our money on baby stuff
    We aren't rich. We can't look at our life or any luxuries and say "I would be willing to give THIS up for a baby." There isn't anything I would be willing to give up. And if we got extra money or started making more, there's a list of things I want to do with that money before buying diapers.
  6. We love our godchild
    We have a Godchild who we adore. He is my sisters son. The relationship we have with him is special because we don't have our own baby. We get to channel all of our baby-love into him and he LOVES having two more adults in his life that love him and spoil him. He doesn't have the relationship he has with us with his other aunts and uncles because they have their own kids and don't have as much time to devote to him. I am fulfilled by loving him: I don't need my own.
  7. We love my step-son
    My husband had a baby in high school with his ex-gf. He lives in a nearby town and we get along great with his mom and step-dad. We get my stepson every other Friday or Saturday night and we plan something fun to do every time we see him. His mom has other kids and his home with them is very traditional. But with us he gets to go to rock concerts and art museums and travel! I've been w/ my husband since he was 2 and he's finally a pre-teen! Having a baby would be starting all over again! 😖 Nooo
  8. If we did have kids.. We think its kind of wrong to make our own ???
    Hear me out. It's kind of like breeding a new puppy when there's already dogs at the pound!!!! We could adopt an older kid who has been in foster care or a child from a country that has no opportunity and change their Iives. This is something I feel strongly about. I don't need to make my own baby when there's already perfectly good ones who need a home!!!
  9. Thank you for reading. I love spreading awareness about people who are child-free by choice!!!!!