My birthday is in 7 months, time to make big changes one step at a time
  1. Be more open about stuff that's going on in my life.
    This month it finally hit me that it's best to talk about struggles with more people outside my circle and that lots of people are so kind and supportive!
  2. Put my foot down
    And don't budge
  3. Actually change my diet
    It's come to the point where I feel my metabolism slowing down and my body wants real nutrients!
  4. Speak up
    Who knew asking for what you want can actually get you what you want
  5. Become more organized
    Actually plan out what needs to be done and DO IT
  6. Really sit down and prioritize what I want in life and how to get there
    And stick to it!
  7. Try a DIY project
    Because why not?