I dedicate this to my young friend, Paulina as she heads to her first year of college and begins to make her mark on the world. Love you, Paulina!
  1. Read the newspaper
  2. Read a Classic Novel such as Doctor Zhivago and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  3. Listen to Bach and Schubert
  4. Explore another country
  5. Attend the symphony or see a ballet
  6. Join a book club
  7. Take up a musical instrument such as piano, saxophone or recorder
  8. Study geography
  9. Learn a foreign language
  10. Go to an art museum
  11. See an independent film
  12. Attend a town hall meeting and engage in civil discourse
  13. Become a member of your local zoo, aquarium, planetarium, or natural history museum
  14. Participate in the joy of giving and giving back
  15. Every day find new activities, objects or people to help you become a more enlightened, articulate, thoughtful impassioned soul. One who cares about the world and achieves great things.
  16. And finally, dance to your own tune and live life fully!