A thrilling string of unexpected reactions
  1. "Where's the music?"
    During the beautifully shot intro, directed by Xavier Dolan, my mother was impatient and confused. She keeps with this trend throughout.
  2. "Why does she have that phone?"
    The same question we all initially had while watching.
  3. "Oh there's the music."
    Adele strikes a match and sings the first note. Mom is not impressed. "Wow--whiny," she adds.
  4. "Wayne Brady is hotter."
    Once again, Mom isn't afraid to say what we're all thinking.
  5. "She looks like an alien."
    This makes me question my mom's sanity/sobriety. She doesn't think it's funny when I say, "you're drunk, go home."
  6. "Why is it beautiful?"
    After I insist that she's not appreciating it enough. "It just is! It's a beautiful video!" I know my truths.
  7. "Is his name Kermit?"
    This is in response to The Muppets trailer I showed my mom earlier. Next week's episode features Miss Piggy covering "Hello", so this chain of events is particularly confusing to my mom. She can't understand the correlation between Piggy and Adele.