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  1. Anything Sarah Michelle Gellar posts on Instagram
    Bonus points if it's about Shannen Doherty (they are BFFs)
  2. My mom's profile pictures, be it of herself, my dog, or a flower
    Any mom will do but I really have quite a beautiful one
  3. Any photos documenting someone's pilgrimage to Harry Potter World
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  1. Liz Lemon: RAVENCLAW AF
  2. Jack Donaghy: Heir of Slytherin
  3. Jenna Maroney: Pissed When She Wasn't the Heir of Slytherin, Killed Filch's Cat To Get Attention
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This is not a comprehensive list but some of my favorites scenes from the show I treat as a security blanket. Thanks @bjnovak
  1. Angela's cat Bandit falling from the ceiling during Dwight's fake fire
  2. Any time @mindy as Kelly says something and shakes her head at the camera immediately after
  3. Jan hurling a Dundee through Michael's tiny TV
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  1. Gilmore Girls for making fun of a cappella groups
    Fuck you Season 7 Episode 6
  1. Gradual breakdown of social awareness and finesse, including an impressive obliviousness to body language
  2. Development of personal branding by coming up with my own nicknames
    My dad now goes by "The Hawk"
  3. The confidence to approach any stranger at a grocery store for an hour-long conversation
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  1. Hobby for reading erotic romance novels without regard to the presence of my children
  2. Strong sense of duty to share all photos of lost dogs on Facebook
  3. Quiet passion for forensic/police dramas like NCIS and Bones
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  1. I fed my aunt's dog a brownie crumb when I was 7 and I thought I murdered it
    She was fine but I never said anything and I think that says a lot about my character
  2. I own three denim jackets and two denim shirts and almost bought another one today
  3. I talk way too much about my a cappella group
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  1. Hundreds of dollars of nautical-themed home decor stolen in heist from Target Supercenter
  2. Sobbing masked bandit sets lobsters free in local grocery store, steals chapstick on way out
  3. Poorly-graffitied lyrics from Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" found on multiple buildings in Chicago's North Side
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  1. Sailor Venus
    What a dreamboat. This was the beginning of my lifelong obsession with magical women, as reflected in this list
  2. Padme Amidala
    My family were huge Star Wars fans. I didn't really understand the plot, but was easily distracted by Padme. My room as a six year old was covered in stickers of Queen Amidala in her various costumes.
  3. Hermione Granger
    A veeeeery formative character for me. I was kind of a know-it-all and Hermione made me even more intolerable for a couple of years. I think I have chilled out a bit since then.
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As referenced in a previous list (http://bit.ly/1Q8UdU3) I have an unfortunate habit of using the phrase "Yes, Daddy" that will likely lead to my downfall. Here are some things that I have made me use the two magic words.
  1. The roughly three breakfast burritos I eat a week
  2. Hearing the name or seeing a photo of Paul Rudd
  3. Hate-reading people's social media posts
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