This is not a comprehensive list but some of my favorites scenes from the show I treat as a security blanket. Thanks @bjnovak
  1. Angela's cat Bandit falling from the ceiling during Dwight's fake fire
  2. Any time @mindy as Kelly says something and shakes her head at the camera immediately after
  3. Jan hurling a Dundee through Michael's tiny TV
  4. Erin finding her family on the PBS interview
    Literally makes me sob every time
  5. Erin playing Words with Friends with Gabe
    Is "jlp" a word? Like, I jlp you?
  6. Any scene with Erin tbh
  7. A panicked Kevin spilling chili on the carpet during his voiceover about how he makes his family recipe
  8. Michael correcting Dwight on the use of the word "heed"