1. I've rewatched the entire Sex and the City series three times in the last year
    I'd like to think I'm a Carrie but I'm really more of a hornier Charlotte with bad skin
  2. I sometimes use my mom's Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion from Bath and Body Works
    I pretended to like the men's line but at this point what's the use
  3. Today I walked to Target by myself just to smell candles
  4. When I was six I made my dad buy me a Queen Amidala dress and I used to wear it around the house
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    I also had a Belle number but Padme was really my go-to
  5. I will literally die before I admit to farting
    I traditionally feign a disgusted face and say "oh God, who did that?" even if there is only one other person in the room
  6. I own a RENT hoodie and for a few months in 2009 my ringtone was Seasons of Love
    It went off in class during a test once and that's when its glorious reign as my ringtone ended
  7. I cried three times at the Anne Frank House
    That might just be a me thing....other gays, weigh in?
  8. I fucked your dad