A reflection of the things I find rad about each day
  1. Day 1 - 3|13
    Today, I am grateful for: 1. Winter storms -- now back in CA, I've been reminded that winter storms can mean powder and tree runs instead of eating shit on the way to work due to dress shoes + ice 2. Parents who sneak their kid into ski school before he's reached the minimum age limit -- who knew something I hated so hard at age 3 would turn into one of the things I love most in life 3. Spicy chicken sandwiches -- I had a bomb one for lunch. Grilled chiles and buffalo coleslaw. It was dope.
  2. Day 2 - 3|14
    I'm grateful for: 1. lowbrow tv--team jojo all the way. 2. trader joes--no matter where you are, you can always count on trader joes to provide a familiar bliss. Also cookie butter. 3. san diego--don't think running to/along the beach will ever get old.
  3. 3/15
    Today's got me thankful for: 1. camp friends--they just get it. 2. spontaneous concerts--you never know when you're gonna find that next track to loop on Spotify. Jam bands, man. 3. Veterans--today I helped facilitate a transition workshop for wounded warriors transitioning into the civilian workforce. Listen to some of their stories, inspiration and a new perspective will follow.
  4. 3.16
    I am grateful for: 1. new activities--went to a climbing gym today. Fun workout, great people, newfound interest. 2. cooking dinner--eating what you dig and digging what you eat. 3. hinge--things are happening and I'm about it.