Last day on the job snuckas
  1. The dogs (they all really do hate delivery men)
  2. People answering the door in their underwear
  3. Glade road
  4. Unmarked mailboxes
  5. Unmarked streets
  6. The rain
  7. People asking me "what is this?"
  8. People asking "who is this for?"
  9. In person signature required packages
  10. Gravel driveways
  11. Team lift boxes (I'm like where's my team bro?)
  12. Delivering trampolines, bookshelves and tires
  13. Traffic
  14. Express drivers blocking dock doors during pickups
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  15. The benefits
  16. That one guy in management that always finds something wrong with how you're wearing your uniform
  17. When you get to a house and home delivery has already been to the same house. Talk about inefficiency
  18. When your pickups aren't ready within the window
  19. When people chase after the truck then ask if you have a package on there for "insert first name here"
  20. When you're picking up from fedex office and everyone asks you merchandise questions
  21. When someone calls in a pickup, you get there and it's express boxes
  22. When your truck gets full before you've finished your pickups
  23. Traffic
  24. Did I already say glade road?
  25. When someone comes into fedex office wanting to ship ground after 5:57
  26. Chuckie cheese deliveries
  27. When your scanner battery dies.
  28. When people leave you a note that says please leave the package, but the box requires an in person signature. 😑