Best burgers or other value menus options that ever existed at any fast food restaurant at any point in time.
  1. Buck double (Burger King)
    It's glory was short lived (Burger King got sick of losing money every time they sold one) but the buck double packed more beef into a dollar hamburger than any value menu in history.
  2. Double cheeseburger (McDonald's)
    This burger is the OG dollar burger. Two parties and two pieces of cheese had a long and healthy reign before they raised the price and replaced it with the Mcdouble (same thing minus a piece of cheese.) The hot and spicy tag teamed with a double cheese was a fiscally responsible match made in heaven. See Mcbitchin. Slang:deebeecheezebee
  3. Junior bacon cheeseburger (Wendy's)
    This classic started out on the value menus but seems to creep up in price every year, and is currently close to 2 dollars. The JBC gained fame due to the fact that it seemed to be too good of quality for just 1 dollar. The combination of beef, bacon, .99 cents, and Wendy's not cutting corners was a beautiful thing.
  4. Hot and spicy chicken (McDonald's)
    This staple is still only a dollar. It isn't available in all states (poor California) but those lucky enough to have the spicy chicken instead of the regular mchicken sandwich could form their own Union.