2 stars (out of 5) at best. The Internet is rife with similar lists but here's where it really breaks down for me.
  1. Batman shooting guns
    Batman 101: Batman has one rule and one rule only. That's pretty much exactly what ALL of The Dark Knight was all about. Batman doesn't kill.
  2. Batman being dumb
    How does Batman not know who Martha is? How does he get played by Lex Luthor (that's literally what Superman's job is)?
  3. Batman workout montage
    We know Batman is fit. We know Batman can fight. We know Batman is strong. We don't need a montage. Snyder might as well have used DMX's "X Gon' Give It To Ya" as a background track.
  4. Superman bring meek and weak
    You can fly halfway around the world to rescue a woman. You can somehow detect a lone woman falling off a building. But you can't get yourself to pin Batman and tell him the truth. Also a measly human-made nuke takes you out of commission. And on that note...
  5. Superman being Wolverine
    Why does the sun have magical healing powers for Superman?
  6. Luthor being petty and violent
    Lex doesn't care about petty grudges or hitting Superman at home. Lex is about business monopolies, corporate and political corruption, and keeping his composure in any and every situation.
  7. Lois Lane bring psychic
    Well, first she's dumb throwing away the spear she knows nothing about except for the fact that it doesn't belong to her. Then she somehow knows it's the key to killing Doomsday.
  8. I think there's a huge misunderstanding in this list with regards to the Knightmare theory, but most of the points hold.
  9. Everything is ruined.