Going out for karaoke on a Tuesday night a year ago today, 2/3, is the best decision I've made in a while.
  1. You are the most positive man I know.
    A meteor could hit the ground and flames could engulf the earth and you'd say something like, "at least we won't have to complete our taxes now."
  2. You're smile is one of the kindest around.
  3. You love my friends, and my friends love you.
    God bless the ladies out there who have boyfriend/gal pal drama, because I could never even imagine what that'd be like.
  4. Your back rubs are killer.
  5. Snuggling with you is like being inside a sleeping bag that loves you back, and I promise that's a compliment.
  6. You don't like coffee.
    Honestly it's such a good thing that you don't like coffee or coffee shops because if you did I'd be very broke.
  7. You're a wonderful cook.
    The nights we get to cook a nice meal in the kitchen, listen to music, drink red wine and not worry about having to constantly talk to one another are some of my favorites.
  8. You never let me forget how beautiful I am.
  9. You challenge me to think about things in ways I otherwise would not.
  10. You look great in blue.
    Seriously, more blue in the wardrobe, hun.
  11. You are an incredible father.
  12. You support me in everything that I do.
    Thanks for never letting me get too down on myself.
  13. You tell me when I'm wrong.
    And you stick to it.
  14. You are such a ~gentleman~
    I didn't even know that it was chivalrous for a man to walk on the street-side of the sidewalk. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't adore how adamant you are about it.
  15. You are not too headstrong to apologize when you're wrong.
    Even though I can be sometimes.
  16. You aren't a picky eater.
    You have no idea how important this is to me (OK, except you do.)
  17. You clean your ears all the time!
    I'm a psycho about this, we know.
  18. You're a freaking goof.
    But goofy Evan only comes out once goofy Tanya calls it a day. Go figure.
  19. Family is so important to you.
  20. Spending time with you is like going to the best party in town.
    No matter what we do, I have such a blast. I never feel like I'm missing out on anything else.
  21. You hate public transportation.
    It's the one bougie thing about you, and that makes it kind of adorable.
  22. Pillow. Lips.
  23. Every day with you is another adventure.
    Can't wait to enjoy 365 more, again and again.