not my kid...I babysat today and went to a baseball game with a 4 year old.
  1. Snacks
    If the kid wants snacks, give him snacks!!
  2. Frozen Lemonade
    Dad bought him frozen strawberry Lemonade and he spilled on his white jersey
  3. Show him the funny snapchat filters
  4. Tickle him
  5. Make him watch the game
  6. Tell him it's only a little bit longer until he gets to run around the bases
  7. Have him talk to other kids while waiting in line to run the bases
  8. Pray to yourself when the other parents entertain the kid along with theirs
  9. Get him hyped up and ask him how fast he's going to run
  10. Mention Mac & cheese for dinner
  11. Watch him run the bases and record it
  12. Show him the video and hype him up
  13. Leave the baseball game
  14. Walk home
  15. Ask the kid to teach you things like "how do you jump so high" during the walk
  16. Tell him that walking backwards is too hard for you bit watch him do it
  17. Put on his favorite cartoons and feed him Mac & cheese
  18. Watch as he gets tired on the couch and cuddles you to fall asleep
  19. Carry him to his bed upstairs
  20. Don't wake him to put on jammies because that would involve waking him
  21. Deal with the snoring and farting dog....