I saw someone else post this and wanted to make my own :)
  1. Weird tattoos
    This is tough because I like tattoos but there are some that I see on guys and I wonder why they chose to ruin their hot-ness. Granted they might have reasons for their tattoos, so it's just my opinions.
  2. Children in pics
    Nieces or nephews are cool if you specify that's who they are. But I'm 24 and I do not want to be a "mom" right now. Again just my opinion.
  3. All group pics
    Who are you!?!
  4. Blurry/bad pics
    Some photos I think the guy looks 💯💯💯and others are meh. Well which one do you look like now???
  5. No bio
    Seriously...proving you are only looking for 1 thing
  6. 1 picture
    Step yo game up
  7. Too many hiking/gym pics
    Not original when you live in CO