1. The best BBQ in the WORLD is all around you!!!
  2. The best place to have a cul-de-sac crew!! Endless games of kickball, ghosts in the graveyard, and the best 4th of July fireworks you've ever seen a bunch of kids throw down!! Oh and of course catching as many fireflies as we could in the back yard.
  3. My family is there!! It's great to walk down memory lane with the people who helped you create the memories.
  4. KC in the 80s and 90s meant you don't have to lock your doors, you don't have to hover over your kids, you don't have to worry.
  5. ROYALS BABY!!! I remember going to games as a kid, filling out the score cards with my dad, eating chocolate malts at the K. They haven't won the series since the year I was born but we're getting it this year!! 30 years in the making! Can't wait!! Coming for the crown!!!
  6. The Plaza- it's the first place I felt like an adult. The place me and my best friend Meredith would go to dinner, see movies we knew nothing about and stay out as late as we could. It's a must whenever I visit!
  7. STROUDS!! There's nothing better than a fried chicken paradise where your bread basket is filled with CINNAMON ROLLS!! Ahhhhh!!!
  8. Driving around rocking out to all my teenage favorites with my best friend, Rachel. We weren't going anywhere but we were going everywhere. I taught her how to drive when she was 13... Ooooof!! Hahahahaha
  9. Sandstone!!! It's probably not called that anymore but this was the concert venue of my childhood. My brother let me pick my first concert when I was 8 or 9 and I chose Hootie and the Blowfish! Since then, I saw so many greats like DMB, Aerosmith, James Taylor, Goo Goo Dolls and many more.
  10. The Music Hall- when I was a kid, we would drive from KC to Arkansas to visit my grandparents. On the way down, we could listen to the soundtrack of Les Miserables. When I was 8, my parents had split and both wanted to take me to see Les Mis. I got to go twice! It was the first of many trips to the Music Hall, I knew every word to every song.
  11. Power and Light District- this didn't exist when I was growing up but I love it because it's the place I got to see The Boss with my brothers. Springsteen at the Sprint Center with the boys and my niece and nephew! So good!!
  12. Arrowhead Stadium- so in all reality I HATE the Chiefs! Always have, probably always will. But Arrowhead has been home to some incredible concerts in my life. When I was 4 (I think) I saw Paul McCartney. To be fair, I slept most of the time. Just this June I saw the Rolling Stones with Ed Sheeran as the opener!! Unforgettable!!!
  13. Red Bridge, Ward Parkway, Westport.... The memories go on and on!!!
  14. It's my home- a great place to grow up!!