Plus somethings that make them badass brothers 😊
  1. They make you learn how to play like a boy and like a girl- really the same thing, they just make it impossible to be anything but your best!
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  2. I can spit on the kickball field! And it's not unladylike- it's badass!
  3. I love drinking beer at a baseball game- specifically a Royals game.
  4. I love going to football games, sitting in the nosebleeds and yelling way too loud because I know THE PLAYERS CAN HEAR ME!!
  5. I love watching college basketball (UNC) on TV and getting angry when Roy does just wanting those guys to bring home the W!
  6. I'm super competitive. I try to be fun competitive but I don't always succeed. I'm not a fan of losing.
  7. I'm super duper independent. Like way more than you're probably comfortable with.
  8. I'll pick up the first round when we go out the first time so that #6 is fully understood- I hope you can handle it.
  9. I can drink a smooth bourbon and smoke a good cigar with the rest of them.
  10. When we're out in a group and we split up into boys and girls, I'm probably going with the boys. Not because I don't like girls, but because I LOVE BEER!!!
  12. I'm always down for an outlandish adventure!
    As long as we don't get arrested. None of that nonsense.
  13. If I ever do get arrested, my brothers (at least one of them) will be there waiting for me when I get out.
    They will take me out for a kick ass breakfast and a yard of beer. Per my request of course- because I'm the baby and I get what I want... Usually 😜
  14. I don't really anymore, but I played video games growing up and I totally dominated in street fighter!!
  15. I'm pretty fucking chill about most things... As long as you feed me 😁
  16. I am a dope cheerleader. No, not like the ones on the sidelines in uniforms. Like the one in the stands ragging on the ref at a high school basketball game because he made a TERRIBLE CALL and your brother's season depends on this game and right now this is the biggest moment!!
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  17. Every sex joke you ever say, I've heard it before. And I'll hear it again at Christmukkah.
  18. I grew up with amazing music!! From The Beatles to Tupac, The Who to Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones to Journey and beyond.
  19. I had someone I could call and cry to when I got my first speeding ticket before I told my parents.
  20. I had someone to take me on badass vacations.
  21. I had someone to take me to life changing concerts.
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    My oldest brother Greg- the guy on the left.
  22. I had someone I could beat at a keg stand when I was 16 and he was 22.
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    I will admit he had had way more to drink than I that night- but still, I won! My youngest brother Justin.
  23. I had someone I could curse around at the age of 9. Someone I could say anything to without judgement or fear.
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    My middle brother, Brad.
  24. I have 3 men I admire very much who tell me they're proud of me often.
  25. I have 3 men who taught me how amazing I am and that people deserve to see it.
  26. And what really makes them badass is that they've never told me to give up on my dreams. They've questioned me, asked me to put things in perspective. But they've never told me I couldn't or I shouldn't or I wouldn't. Because I CAN, I SHOULD AND I WILL. And they absolutely know that.
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  27. That's how having 3 older brothers makes me a badass chick!! 😊