Why french fries are the greatest creation known to man
  1. French fries are the food of the gods.
    They were created for the sole purpose of nourishing humans.
  2. I don't care that they're "unhealthy"
    Eat sweet potato fries if you must compromise is key here.
  3. They're crunchy, salty, and go with any meal
    Breakfast included
  4. If i could eat fries everyday with no affect to my weight i would.
  5. There are so many types of fries that i will now list
  6. Waffle fries
  7. Sweet potato fries
  8. Steak fries
  9. Truffle fries
  10. Wedges are not fries do not eat wedges they are conning you to believe they are fries
  11. Live.Love.Fries