This may not speak well of my parenting.
  1. Outer space
  2. Star Wars Angry Birds 2
  3. Angry Birds 2
    "Guys, we're not just going to do video games." "IT'S NOT VIDEO GAMES, IT'S IPAD TIME GAMES."
  4. UFOs
  5. "Henry's secretly saying Angry Birds!"
  6. Darth Vader
  7. General Grievous
    "Genewal Gwievous." I know writing in kid-speak is annoying. Iiiii know.
  8. Pikman
    "Seriously, no more video games." "OK. After this."
  9. Comic books
  10. TV
  11. "And what about video games? We love them."
  12. Mario Maker
    "We don't even have that game." "Yeah but still we like it and it's the coolest Mario game ever!"
  13. Humans
    His brother: "Humans are NOT the coolest things in the world"
  14. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  15. A butterfly
  16. Flies
  17. Bowling
  18. Washing your hands
  19. Finding treasure chests
  20. Caterpillars
  21. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  22. Aliens with plungers
  23. Macaroni penguins
  24. A head made of macaroni