This is a guide on how to proceed
  1. Take a minute to be shocked that anyone would bother looking for you
    It's not like my Facebook profile is new, and I literally live in the same house. I understand stalking your old friends on FB to see if they had kids or went to rehab, but contacting them...
  2. Consider avoiding them
    I could just pretend to be the wrong Tarah.
  3. Admit you are who they think you are and engage in pleasantries.
    So, how has the past 12 years been for you? Nope, no kids. No I don't remember that one time in the 7th grade.
  4. Find a quick escape
    "We should totally get coffee sometime." Ttyl
  5. Go about your life as usual
    Which means calling your current friends and telling them about the weird message you got on FB