My family has a double standard when it comes to the behavior of boys versus girls. Here are something I'd like to say out loud but never will.
  1. You're sexist speech emboldens the males in out family to behave wildly because they were taught that it's in their nature to do so.
  2. Droning on about the miraculous births of the few males in the family as if they were the second coming of Christ is mind numbingly dull.
  3. Serving the men first at every meal is just rude. We are all hungry here and their portions leave little for everyone else.
  4. Why do they get to control the music at every family function. I should be able to share the magic of Taylor Swift with the whole family.
  5. So why has no one asked these boys when they're going to settle down and get married. I've been asked about three times since I started writing this list...