Ways I'm tired of men quietly manipulating me

MEN AND WOMEN, never settle for shit like this.
  1. Telling me I'm being crazy/emotional/overreacting.
    I'm allowed to have emotions that differ from yours.
  2. Me: "I miss my short hair! Maybe I should cut it again!" Him: "No! I love your long hair!"
    No, you "love" ME, remember? That means if I want to cut my hair, you say "hell yeah you'd rock it!"
  3. Saying he spends soooo much money on me.
    Nobody's making you do this so stop holding it over my head. There are millions of ways to show you care that don't cost a cent.
  4. Only ever complimenting my physical attributes.
    I have talents and abilities. How about you notice them instead of how I have a nice "ass-to-thigh" ratio?
  5. Insist that I do _______ for him because that's "what a good girlfriend does."
    Just... just, what?
    Are you seriously telling me that I can't strut my stuff when I'm feeling fine without being treated like a piece of meat you get to gawk at?? Puh-lease!