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God my dreams are weird as hell.
  1. The Runaway
    My mom and sister where in a fight at this hotel and then my sister got so mad that she went to the car to sit there. And then I was like okay I should go calm her down so I went into the car and then she started driving the fricken car (I was like 8 and she was 11 when I had this) so it was insane. She was crashing and destroying things and it was a wreck.
  2. The Runaway: the Sequel
    My sister ran away (what a suprise) so me and my family went to look for her in this building that was only staircases. And then my brother ran away so we were like Oh my god where are they. And then we found them but this man made us climb on these pipes to get to them. Yeah, I don't get it either
  3. Zuzu and the Theatre
    So I was at ballet and out the window we saw that all the buildings were falling down so we fled. My sister and I went to this trailer park to hide but then for some odd reason we fled from there too. Then we went to the movie theatre to hide out and there was this mean lady named Zuzu who worked there and she made you pay for ketchup. The thing that doesn't make since for this is there is no use for ketchup at a movie theatre.
  4. The Murder
    So me and my friends were in this parking garage playing dodgeball and we accidentally hit this little boy and then he fell and died. Then we were like omg we killed this boy so we escaped and climbed up the side of the building. I felt really guilty so I told my friends I have to go down but they didn't want me to and for some reason I was holding a cello so I dropped the cello and I was like oops gotta go and get it. Then I told my dad we killed him and he punched me.
  1. Friends, waffles, and work
    My life motto.
  2. Fwend
    Sometimes you just gotta screenshot a nice pic your friend takes on snapchat
  3. Ballerina
    My dance studio posted this on Facebook (Ikr, ancient) and even though I look like crap I had to cop that screenshot
  1. 1.
    Magic Kingdom with my family
    My family and I at Disney World this June. This was our last night there, so I may be smiling but I am just masking the inevitable "we're leaving Disney" tears. We were just about to watch the fireworks show that they put on at magic kingdom in front of the castle. Picture creds to some random stranger that was kind enough to take this for us.
  2. 2.
    My sister baptizing her pigmy puff
    This was during our second day at Harry Potter world (yes, we had 2 days of our vacation solely dedicated to the Harry Potter parks). She bought her pink pigmy puff, now named Polly, and was directed to Weasleys wizard wheezes to have them ring a bell, get the attention of the whole store, and announce everyone her recent adoption of the pigmy puff. And naturally, I was instructed to get pictures of every second of this event.
  3. 3.
    My first walk the moon concert
    Ah, this one brings back memories. This was taken after the first time I saw my favorite band, Walk the Moon, live. And get this, this was before Shut up and Dance was popular, and it was just a single released that was nowhere near their most popular song yet. Due to this, we saw them at a super small venue and it was probably the greatest experience of my life. We waited long after, with the slight risk of getting our car towed to meet the AWESOME lead singer of the band.
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