1. Kim Kardashian's Bday Wishes
    This is a low point. Kim is my least fave of all the KK's. My period is on the way obvs.
  2. New Grey's Anatomy Episodes
    I've cried at least 5-8 times while binging on Episodes 1-4 of the new season. But honestly compared to last season's tear slaughter during the Derek episodes, these were all rather light cries.
  3. The PREVIEW for @lenadunham 's new Podcast, Women of the Hour.
    So much friendship and feminism and non mean girl-ness... I'm just so proud of all these women who I will never meet.
  4. The Great Gatsby
    So I've seen this movie about 8200 times, but every time I hear the strains of "Young and Beautiful" around the 1:00 marker, I cant help but cry (just a little).
  5. Buzzfeed's Long Distance Sister Texts
    I swear Buzzfeed has been doing screenshots of me and my sister's convos. I mean almost, but with more Kimmy Schmidt and HIMYM references thrown in. #pinotnoir