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Yet here I go on another one tonight for some reason.
  1. It took place in an empty, well-lit cafe. Well, empty until the families with young children arrived.
  2. He wore an obscenely large, Super Bowl-esque ring even though he was clearly not an athlete like that.
  3. That whole In Between Jobs And Living With A Roommate combo.
    We are in our 40s, dude. I mean SUPER YOUNG 40s. But still.
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I recently heard someone spout some BS about it being "a shame" if so and so was gay.
  1. If you're gay, you might not wanna make out with me even if I wanna make out with you so hard.
  1. You're my lover, not my rival.
  2. Love with every stranger. The stranger the better.
  3. I wanna get better.
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A chronological photographic list of how rad Saturday was.
  1. Because Roma.
  2. The Dugout was a disappointment. But my crew was the complete opposite of The Dugout.
  3. All I know is I did take everyone on an alley tour at some point. Everyone knows how I feel about alleys and art.
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  1. "Borderline" by Flaming Lips
  2. "Ride On / Right On" by Phosphorescent
    Except for the "kids in the park" part. Not sexy.
  3. Pretty much anything by Glass Animals
  1. I'm 35 and I'm wearing slutty clothes from the Target CHILDREN'S section.
    My sister is a tiny, frugal slut.
  2. You have to ask before you kick people in the rectum.
    I kicked my daughter in the rectum. She's 18 and it was a gentle rectum kick. It's not like it's child abuse or anything.
  1. Me wondering if I've made a bad decision and @leslielindeberg confirming that yes indeed I totally have. Obviously.
  2. Us wondering why we haven't been snatched up to host a radio show.
  3. Leslie misquoting something or other. Something or other? Is that right? That doesn't sound right. Leslie? Wait. No. Someone else.
  1. Sometimes they're all, "Technology who? The List App wha?" It's exhausting. I don't love this about them.
  2. All the other things. All the other things are the things that I love about them.
  1. That I'm going to blow my The List App wad early.
  2. All of the bad decisions I anticipate making this weekend at UNC Homecoming.
    See also: My Favorite UNC Homecoming Memories list