1. Hydrangea anomala (subspecies) petiolaris
    A white climbing hydrangea that loves deep shade
  2. Crown emperials
    Tall flowers with spiking green tops and petals underneath
  3. Ammi majus
    False bishops weed
  4. Angelica
    Tall spiky flowers
  5. Chinese mahogany
    Salmon pink leaves that turn green (Waitrose website)
  6. Ammi Majus - Bullwort
    Tall white umbrella flowers. Cow parsley-esqe
  7. Japanese anemones
    Super hardy, flower Aug, sept, oct
  8. Tree dahlia
    Remove lower leaves
  9. Loquat
  10. Frisian Gold conifer
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. Static
  16. Likes half shade/dappled light