Naps are misunderstood and we should all come together to make them feel welcome and widely accepted.
  1. Facial skin has a beautiful post nap glow that you can't get with any of those expensive moisturizers - except maybe johnsons baby lotion.
  2. If you let me nap, I can pretend to work even longer
  3. It's Monday.
  4. It's Thursday, which is almost Friday, when I certainly need a nap.
  5. There is some science that backs the importance of a power nap.
  6. If you're not capable of a power nap then maybe you're not as powerful as you think. *to the CEO*
  7. So anyway the science is out there you just gotta read it but if you're not wanting to go find and read these articles then maybe it's because you're tired. Because you need a nap.