Barbados offers so much more than just beaches but to really get the best I suggest doing the following
  1. Make local friends - you are reading this on a smartphone app so I assume some tech savvy, check out the Barbados Subreddit, ask for tips on trip advisor, check out some folks on Instagram or simply make an effort to chat with folks when you get here
  2. Take a catamaran trip - from chartering one all for yourself celeb style, to small group boats to the full on party boats all offer a really nice chance to cruise the platinum coast and swim with turtles
  3. Drive around the island - either rent a car or take one of the many 4x4 tours companies, or get one of your new local friends to do it
  4. Hang out at a rum shop - rum shops are pretty common in the Caribbean and Barbados is no different, a great way to experience true life, for the really adventurous do it on a Saturday at a place that serves "pudding and douse"