Yes I'm biased because I work there but I'm their biggest user! Recent pains with credit cards made me make this list. Take read and you'll know exactly why (my personal opinions below 😉)
  1. Stolen Credit Cards
    You don't realise how many services you have your credit card details with until you have to update them ALL. Try 12 and counting in my case !
  2. Credit Card expiry reminders
    Sure some of my banks remind me via email but I don't l check my emails all that often.
  3. Buyer Protection
    That's right, if your looking for that unique item and it's a website that doesn't look all that right, rest assured that you're protected just in case they don't deliver or they sent the wrong the item
  4. Seller Protection
    Let's be real, there are good customers and then there are bad customers out to scan you. Some like to claim you didn't deliver. Got proof of Shippjng ! PayPal has you covered.
  5. One Touch
    That's the number of times I want to press a button when buying. Now you can with PayPal when you select Remember Me.