My birthday is quickly approaching, gotta plan that party.
  1. Chris Harrison
    He would tell me all the secrets of anything the bachelor and introduce me to my future husband... all in one night.
  2. No dream birthday party is complete without an idol. We would probably talk romcoms until she excuses herself to go to the bathroom and never comes back.
  3. Viola Davis
    She's just awesome.
  4. Amy Schumer
    She would bring the wine, and probably get me the funniest birthday gift around.
  5. Chuck Lorre
    I mean this dude is a baller. He would bring me a bound copy of all his vanity cards and hire me as a writer. (In this scenario I make a good first impression)
  6. Shonda Rhimes
    Her perspective on life would be thought provoking. I also feel like she would kill it at charades.
  7. Beyoncé
  8. Chris Pine
    We all need someone pretty to stare at.
  9. Taylor Swift
    You guessed it. I don't know about you, but I'm feelin 22. She will graciously offer to sing it repeatedly for my party.
  10. The cast of undateable
    They seem like friends I want to have.
  11. My family and friends, I guess.
    I feel like they would be mad if I didn't invite them.