1. Procrastination is okay
    I work better under pressure anyways....
  2. Having a small group of friends is better than 1. Having no friends and 2. Having so many friends you can't keep up
    Small friend groups are something special, and I'd rather have 5 friends than 500.
  3. You don't have to go to all the bars all the times
    Sometimes it's just as fun to hang with a good book
  4. The lib should be your best friend
    Some good time at the lib will keep you on track, make you feel productive, and keep you emerged in that college life.
  5. Planning is important, but so is not planning.
    Planning things will make your time productive, but living spontaneously will also bring you the best of times.
  6. Health isn't hard
    Engaging in a healthy life style isn't as hard as you would think. Educate yourself, make time for the gym, and eat cool awesome stuff that tastes bad for you, but really isn't.
  7. You don't have to worry about everything all the time
    Seriously, it's not worth it.
  8. Word vomit is a real thing
    You will say something you didn't mean to say aloud. You just gotta own it, and act like you meant it, chances are you probably did.
  9. Sometimes you just gotta dance
    Stressed? Have an exam? Feel happy/sad/nervous/scared/thrilled/ecstatic? Just blast that music and dance
  10. Learning is fun
    Soak up all that cool knowledge
  11. There are people who are just as nerdy/corky/different/loud/strange/cool as you
    Find these people, love these people, never forget these people.
  12. Your life is just beginning, embrace it
    Just do you, and the rest will follow