Currently walking to class, currently listing all these thoughtful thoughts...
  1. What would happen if I don't show up to this class?
    It's not like my GPA could go down that much, right?
  2. What would happen if I just hop on that city bus without knowing where it was going?
    Sure it's probably going to a sketch part of town, but hey learning survival skills is just as important as anything I could learn in class anyways...
  3. Why is this weather so unpredictable?
    Oh right, climate change.
  4. It's fall no it's summer no it's definitely going to start snowing...
    Seriously anything goes these days
  5. Was he staring at me?
    HE SO WAS. Look at me, getting stares!
  6. Wait.... Stares are not always good..
    What if he was staring because my mismatched sweatpants outfit looks strange?
  7. EH, who cares!
    Look fellow, it's laundry day and I like my mismatched sweatpants outfit!
  8. I shouldn't list while crossing the street
    I think I almost got hit by 15 cars just now
  9. Well I'm at class, so I should probably just go...
    Although there's still time to leave....