1. Sasha. In his element. Enough said.
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  2. Switzerland. Duh.
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  3. Ol' Willy's BBQ. Again, duh. How do these people look so good ALL THE TIME?
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  4. This fluffy chicken.
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  5. This note from Mark, who I no longer work with, but who decided I was named after the capital of Iran. Thank you, Mark.
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  6. Well....
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  7. I wish I got to have a picture of me posing with a goat as a child. #unfulfilleddreams #vicariousliving
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  8. This is a picture of the island of cats, which really exists. Just like it.
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  9. Because, pretty.
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  10. LA.
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  11. Thanksgiving. We are full and tired after an intense day of killer football.
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  12. My garland. So simple and pretty and a poem for every day!!!
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  13. These dogs. So forlorn. It's difficult to be a dog in Boulder.
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