Requested by @gneural incomplete list in no particular order
  1. Blackberry nettle - calming and rejuvenating ❤️
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  2. Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey - meaty and delicious (loose leaf)
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  3. Whittard Original - a nice start to the morning, lighter than English Breakfast
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  4. Blackberry Sage - a nice afternoon alternative
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  5. Ginger peach - a morning tea
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  6. Orange pekoe (loose leaf) - full bodied afternoon tea
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  7. Blooming peach white tea - a fun treat! Beautiful but also called a sea creature by some
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  8. Queen West Blend - a twist on earl grey with notes of orange, berries, and blossoms
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  9. Lavender earl grey - lavender, duh
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  10. Fortnum & Mason Countess Grey - a lighter afternoon tea with citrus notes
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  11. Whittard Whisky tea - this just sounds good
  12. Whittard Piccadilly Blend - flowers and berries in black tea, yum!
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