This is totally cheeseballs but thank you @solena for reminding me that the 2016 shitshow actually had some good moments
  1. Living in Vienna for the summer
  2. ...and the time I spent 3 hours at an art museum in a state of euphoria
  3. The moment I saw my best friend for the first time in 8 months
    And the subsequent ~5 hours we spent catching up on Jane the Virgin together
  4. The time at work when I brought home the gold for my office Olympics team in flip cup
  5. All the football games I went to with my dad
    Ball is life
  6. Spending my birthday in the city seeing my one of my favorite bands cover music by my other favorite band
  7. ...and finding the best representation of my aesthetic to date in a bus terminal
  8. The satisfaction of obliterating my entire family in fantasy football
  9. The day after Thanksgiving when my whole family got stupid drunk and played Catchphrase
  10. Eating a fuckton of ice cream
  11. When my friend forced me to get a Snapchat and I hated it for a long time until I remembered that life is short and nothing matters and then it got fun
  12. Just all of it. Thank you guys, for real